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We offer TurboCAD® training for individuals and companies. Our trainer, Robert Berry has worked with TurboCAD since its inception and is the world's leading expert in TurboCAD training. He is available to work with you directly on your projects by remote session. Choose us, and you'll be learning from a genuine TurboCAD master.

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CommandCAD Interface for TurboCAD

We have built a plug-in interface layout that will optimize your efficiency in 2D design, 3D modeling, and rendering with TurboCAD®. We've bundled it with an extensive list of TurboCAD keyboard shortcuts and online video training for one low introductory price. Every TurboCAD user should grab this deal!

How to Print TurboCAD to PDF

TurboCAD Printing Essentials

Learn the most important printing functions within TurboCAD in this free online course!

"I have to say that when I approached IMSIDesign this morning concerning CADSymbol, I did not expect to get hooked up with you. But I am glad that is where it led. You came as a complete surprise to me and arguably, I was overwhelmed by what you had to offer. But having a few hours to digest our teleconference and your product(s) I am of the mind that you are one of TurboCAD’s best kept secrets!!"

Roger Bishop

Director of Product Development
Graystone Industries

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Access specialized, in-depth courses including video screen share, step-by-step instructions, PDF downloads, and more.

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Get your projects done quickly. Robert Berry can teach you or your entire team how to take command of TurboCAD.

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