CommandCAD Interface for TurboCAD 2024

Interface inspired by AutoCAD®. Designed to work seamlessly with all TurboCAD® and LTE Workspaces.

Your TurboCAD Workflow Revolutionized

TurboCAD is a robust, multi-use software program for all your 2D drafting, 3D drawing and modeling, and rendering needs. It's so powerful and affordable, that many AutoCAD users happily switch over. However, TurboCAD's full suite of tools and layout options can be overwhelming. That's where our exclusive plug-in, the CommandCAD Interface for TurboCAD 2024 comes in. Our interface unlocks the power of TurboCAD to its full potential by aligning the toolset and layout options with AutoCAD®. Enjoy a faster, more intuitive, and streamlined workflow. 

Our newest interface version for 2024 is a major upgrade. This essential plug-in is now compatible with all TurboCAD and LTE workspaces.

The TurboCAD toolbar... reengineered

Our CommandCAD Interface for TurboCAD can be installed into your software directly and provides an efficiency-optimized layout to work from. We rearranged the tools so they are laid out in a meaningful order. Instead of hunting around looking for what you need next, you can flow through our sequence as it appears in the interface to get your design and rendering work done more efficiently.

Easy Switch From AutoCAD 

The CommandCAD Interface simplifies switching from AutoCAD to TurboCAD by providing a user-friendly workspace with intuitive tools and a familiar command line system. Users can effortlessly flow between the two programs, leveraging their AutoCAD skills while benefiting from TurboCAD's advanced features. This integration guarantees a smooth workflow and a trouble-free transition.

Work Faster With Our AutoCAD Aliases Guide

We developed a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts for TurboCAD, which is perfect for keyboard-savvy users. Shortcut aliases that are prominent in AutoCAD are included to make the transition as smooth as possible. The CommandCAD Interface 2024 and the AutoCAD Aliases Guide are bundled together for one low investment.

Keyboard Layout Maps

Also included in the bundle are comprehensive keyboard maps that can be viewed in TurboCAD for quick and convenient reference to all of the essential and frequently used commands. These maps display an extensive list of both AutoCAD and TurboCAD commands, making it effortless to find the specific command you need.

Secret Snap Mode for TurboCAD Deluxe Users

TurboCAD's Single Click Snap Modes enhance object snapping and alignment. Usually, these modes are restricted to the Platinum and Professional versions. However, our interface bundle includes keyboard shortcuts that discreetly activate them for TurboCAD Deluxe users. This enables you to boost drafting efficiency and accuracy within your current tier.

What's Included:

Downloadable Interface

Our CommandCAD Interface plugs into your TurboCAD software. Simply download the files from your member area and install.

Aliases & Shortcuts

You'll get our AutoCAD Aliases Guide with +150 aliases, plus our master list of TurboCAD shortcuts, including secret Snap Modes for Deluxe users.

Keyboard Layout Maps

We have painstakingly mapped out all the commands for TurboCAD and AutoCAD for you. Simply open a drawing in TurboCAD to look and learn.

An Essential Tool at an Affordable Price

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Works with 2021-2024 versions of TurboCAD



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Rita Buschman

Empowering AutoCAD users to skillfully navigate TurboCAD!

AutoCAD veterans will find CommandCAD’s Interface 2024 course to be a treasure trove of insights. Rob Berry, a luminary in CAD education, has tailored this course to ease the transition to TurboCAD. His expert guidance ensures that AutoCAD users can quickly adapt to and excel in TurboCAD, enhancing their design capabilities with minimal adjustment time. It’s an essential course for those looking to expand their CAD proficiency with efficiency.

2 days ago


Because ours strategically places icons for efficient use, inspired by AutoCAD's layout that is preferred by users. It also offers unique keyboard shortcuts using TurboCAD's Control Release Keyboard technology for easy input of AutoCAD commands. Additionally, advanced features like single-click snap modes are made accessible in all versions, not just for Platinum and Professional.

Because ours offers a command line with AutoCAD-like commands, making it even easier for AutoCAD users to transition than TurboCAD's native LTE interface does. The screen layout resembles AutoCAD, allowing quick tool access. Our interface effectively matches AutoCAD tools with those in TurboCAD.

Our new CommandCAD interface for 2024 unifies all recent TurboCAD versions, providing traditional menus in the Ribbon's Quick Access area for easy access to drawings and window options. Commands will now function in both Default and LTE interfaces. Also, for the first time, the LTE interface can be used in the Deluxe version of TurboCAD 2024. Additionally, the newest interface features a new dashboard toolbar for quick viewing and rendering options. This is a major upgrade that has a high value to expense ratio.

Because our interface will give you a much more efficient workflow. AutoCAD has an intuitive and streamlined interface that is very user-friendly. Even if you aren't switching back and forth between TurboCAD and AutoCAD, we think you'll enjoy the more AutoCAD-like experience that our interface will give you.

All 2021-2024 Microsoft Windows versions of TurboCAD Platinum, Professional, Deluxe, and Designer.

***Please note that the CommandCAD Interface is not compatible with TurboCAD for Mac.***

From a CommandCAD Interface User...

“An amazing productivity increase. I've been using TurboCad for more than ten years, and this interface has changed my productivity by at least a factor of 3. Never hunt for a command--at most two clicks to anything. And the keyboard shortcuts get to your most often used commands without ever moving either hand from the keyboard and the mouse. Rob knows this program like no-one else, and he has used that knowledge to give us the best interface I have ever seen.”

Peter McAdam