CommandCAD Interface for TurboCAD 2022

Work Efficiently in TurboCAD using an AutoCAD-like Interface

Optimize your TurboCAD experience

TurboCAD 2022® is a robust suite of software that helps with every part of your 2D and 3D designs from conceptualization and modeling to rendering. Our CommandCAD Interface for TurboCAD 2022 can further advance your architectural and engineering design projects. This downloadable product was specifically designed to make TurboCAD’s full suite of tools and customizable layout options resemble those in AutoCAD LT®. It will shorten the amount of time you spend going through the toolbar because our solution lays out what you need right at your fingertips.

Easiest Transition from AutoCAD

If you're an AutoCAD LT user, our exclusive plug-in interface will make the transition to TurboCAD feel seamless. We have reengineered the toolbar layout and include a side by side software comparison video so it won't be difficult for users to begin working with ease right away!

Work faster with our AutoCAD Aliases Guide

We developed a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts for TurboCAD 2022, which is perfect for keyboard-savvy users. Shortcut aliases that are so prominent in AutoCAD LT are included to make the transition as smooth as possible. The CommandCAD Interface 2022 and AutoCAD Aliases PDF Guide are bundled together for one low investment .

Keyboard Layout Maps

Also included are PDF keyboard maps that can be printed for quick reference to the most important and commonly used commands showing both AutoCAD and TurboCAD commands.

Downloadable Interface

Our CommandCAD Interface plugs into your TurboCAD software. Simply download the files from your member area and install.

AutoCAD Aliases Guide

Boost your productivity with keyboard shortcuts. You will be able to download our PDF master lists that contain all the commands you need.

Comparison Video

TurboCAD master Robert Berry scrutinized the differences between AutoCAD LT and TurboCAD 2020 and summarizes the results.

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Ray Taylor

CommandCAD Interface 2022

A very powerful interface. I find that it puts the hundreds of TC commands in logical groups that are easier to find than before. It will take some getting used to but will pay off in the long run. Thank you for the hard work.

2 years ago

Works with 2021-2022 versions of TurboCAD


Because our interface will give you a much more efficient workflow. AutoCAD has an intuitive and streamlined interface that is very user-friendly. Even if you aren't switching back and forth between TurboCAD and AutoCAD, we think you'll enjoy the more AutoCAD-like experience that our interface will give you.

From a CommandCAD Interface User...

“An amazing productivity increase. I've been using TurboCad for more than ten years, and this interface has changed my productivity by at least a factor of 3. Never hunt for a command--at most two clicks to anything. And the keyboard shortcuts get to your most often used commands without ever moving either hand from the keyboard and the mouse. Rob knows this program like no-one else, and he has used that knowledge to give us the best interface I have ever seen.”

Peter McAdam