Architectural Design in TurboCAD 2019 Deluxe

Learn all you need to know to create professional architectural drawings using TurboCAD Deluxe 2019 or later.

Learn TurboCAD architectural design from the ground up

Whether you are a new TurboCAD Deluxe user or a seasoned pro, this course will teach you use TurboCAD 2019 efficiently, saving you time and frustration along the way. 

Watch a leading TurboCAD expert at work

In this online training, Robert Berry is going to take you behind the scenes as he designs a client's second story in-law unit over a garage. You will learn how he sets up the project for optimal workflow and then watch him design it.

Follow along with practice exercises

This isn't a passive course that will be quickly forgotten. We want you to roll up your shirt sleeves and learn-by-doing with the included practice downloads. We will take you though the project step-by-step so you will learn essential design skills transferrable to your own projects later.

Reusable design templates included

We know that sometimes the hardest part of design is staring at a blank project and getting started. To give you a jump start on your future architectural design projects, we include some downloadable TurboCAD 2019 project templates that you can insert and edit into other projects you are working on.

Course Curriculum

Certificate Available

High achievers take note. This course is eligible for a completion certificate! When you graduate this training, you will have the opportunity to obtain a downloadable certificate that you can print and save for your records. 

Course Pricing

Single Payment

$99 USD


Robert Berry

Meet Your Instructor

Robert Berry is the owner of He has been involved with TurboCAD for decades and has trained hundreds of people, across multiple continents, on how to use TurboCAD. TurboCAD is the leading retail CAD product, providing a cost effective solution for precision design.