Creating Accessible Voting Areas with TurboCAD 2018

Learn how to plan disabled accessible polling places for compliance with guidelines issued by the ADA and your county or state.

Creating Accessible Voting Areas with TurboCAD

This one-of-a-kind training for Board of Elections offices, done in collaboration with Robert Berry and IMSI Design, makers of TurboCAD®, will get your entire planning team up to speed on how to use the software quickly. Done in person and available online.

Budget Friendly

Save money by getting precise, architectural and floor plan drawings done in-house using TurboCAD software.

Onsite Training

Our trainer can teach the course in your city, ensuring that your employees get hands-on practice and support.

Online Tutorials

The course is also available online, so your staff has ongoing access to the tutorials as they are using the software.

Course Curriculum

Certificate Available

High achievers take note. This course is eligible for a completion certificate! When you graduate this training, you will have the opportunity to obtain a downloadable certificate that you can print and save for your records. 

Robert Berry

Meet Your Instructor

Robert Berry is the owner of He has been involved with TurboCAD for decades and has trained hundreds of people, across multiple continents, on how to use TurboCAD. TurboCAD is the leading retail CAD product, providing a cost effective solution for precision design.

Find out if this is right for you...

Creating Accessible Voting Areas with TurboCAD is for County Board of Elections planning departments or architectural firms that work with a BOE client. Please contact us.  We offer a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss your group training needs.

Jon W. Spain, ADAC

Evan Terry Associates, LLC

"Regarding Roberts performance and training, we were extremely pleased with his level of preparation, knowledge, and ability to instruct. Working with this client requires a level of flexibility and patience, both of which I think Robert navigated very well. They also have a varying level of competency, making live teaching difficult. I think Roberts well thought through process helped accommodate a steady progress for all levels of trainees simultaneously. Our client (NYCBOE) was very satisfied with the services provided, and now see both Robert and TurboCAD as a valuable resource."


Yes. We have English captions available on the training videos for the hearing impaired and others who may prefer to read while listening.

No, because accessibility requirements can vary by state. This course will teach you how to create architectural and floor plan drawings that meet the requirements given to you by the relevant regulatory agencies.

Yes. Contact us so we may discuss your needs and determine the best way to train your employees.

Yes. You will need to own TurboCAD to benefit from this training. If you don't have it yet, we'll help you get the best version and best price for the needs of your team. Contact us or visit TurboCAD/IMSI Design to inquire.